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Tips on how to manage your next digital project

With the growth of digital platforms and services I’d imagine you’re increasingly having involvement in digital projects. Whether you are a project lead or the head of marketing signing off on a project, many marketers now work with agencies to deliver digital projects and this is where good project management really comes into play, especially when juggling multiple stakeholders. With every project being unique, the project approach needs to be tailored to the specific requirements.

Taking some time to think about how you want your project to run at the start is well worth it. I have written this blog to provide you with some handy tips to think about when running your next digital project, whether that be a website build, app development, e-mail marketing campaign or a lead generation programme.

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Measuring and evaluating b2b digital campaigns

With Christmas and New Year fast upon us, it will soon be that time of year to start thinking about evaluating digital campaigns.

So December’s focus is on digital evaluation and measurement.

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