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How to get your content found internationally?

While English is predominately the world’s main commercial language, there’s a lot to gain from communicating to customers in their native language, as research has found that 72% of users spend most of their time on websites in their native language (Harvard Business Review).  So if you haven’t thought about making your website content available in a language other than English, then maybe it’s time to reconsider.

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Getting found and staying found – SEO best practice in B2B

Previously at BDB I delivered a number of webinars on their BrightTalk channel.

In an increasingly competitive online environment how does your business get found and stay found?

All businesses want to increase web traffic and attract new prospects, but what are the best ways to get quality visits that convert time and time again.

In this webinar I looked at the B2B SEO landscape to understand key trends, identify best practices to help your business get found by the right people and finish with some key take away tips to ensure you continue to get found.

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3 ways to enhance your Off page SEO strategy

In my last post on SEO I looked at On Page factors – in particular content. But, another key component to consider for successful B2B SEO is the Off Page strategy. In this post, I’ll go through 3 top tips to improve Off Page SEO.

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What makes for good B2B SEO: 1. Content

Best practice in the area of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has undergone a number of overhauls in recent years. With numerous Google algorithm updates including Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird (you’d think animal names are pulled out of a hat!), it can seem impossible to know what’s right to do in SEO these days.

As with good marketing, it’s important to get the correct foundations in place first. There are four pillars which should form the basis of any SEO activity – content, links, social and technology. Over a few upcoming posts we’ll be looking at some of these elements in more detail. We’ll also spend some time covering language specific search engines such as Yandex and Baidu.

So let’s start on the first pillar – content.

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An introduction to SEO

What is SEO?- basically SEO is the task of ensuring that your website ranks highly in places like Google and Bing for the search terms (think products and services) that people are looking for relevant to your business.

Having a well optimised site can make all the difference, knowing which words rank highest in search engines can be a great start to getting you site optimised. Natural search engine optimisation is the cheapest method of internet marketing but this organic process is not always easy to get right. For example when we re-designed the HarperJames site we wanted to know what the most popular search terms are. How do we find this out?

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