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Data driven delivery

I’m pleased to share the official recording of my talk on data driven delivery from Deliver conference.

In digital – data is becoming very powerful, developers have test driven development, but how much is the PM profession really harnessing the power of data for project delivery?

The amount of data available to us is always increasing, so what metrics should we be looking at as determinants of success? And how do we measure this? This talk has been shaped by generous survey responses via this amazing delivery community. Feedback and questions welcome.


Deliver conference (DC18) – in review

This year marked 5 years of deliver conference (formerly DPMUK), and as a bit of an delivery geek i’ve been to every single one. I’ve tried to make a commitment at the end of each event to write up a blog to capture the key learnings and takeaways. So in a time honoured tradition i’ve captured my reflections. While I did a talk on data driven delivery I won’t be reviewing myself, so will be posting a separate link to the video ( which is coming soon).

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Project management for humans – book review

Last month I eagerly ordered my copy of Brett Harned’s first book on the topic of Digital Project Management (DPM). I’ve seen Brett speak a number of times at the DPM:UK conference ( now Deliver), so I knew i’d come away with some valuable notes on how to further my PM craft.

In the interest of sharing with the community i’ve written up a review with the hope of driving more conversation and of course book sales for Brett ( No commission here promise).  There’s an initial Q&A with Brett and the review’s further along.

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Stressed project manager? 10 tips to get your PM mojo back

This article was originally published as a guest blog post on the Digital Project Manager in November 2016.

Are you a stressed project manager? Not surprisingly, project management can be incredibly stressful. We’re responsible for delivery on time, on budget and scope but often have to deal with limited or poorly equipped resources, unrealistic client expectations and a to-do list that could easily reach the moon and back. So what can we do about it? Do we have to grin and bear life as a stressed project manager, or is there a way to get our PM mojo back?

In this blog, I outline my top tips for a stressed project manager based on my own experiences of managing a number of challenging projects which left me feeling at the point of breakdown.

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Deliver conference 17 – round up

January is one of my favourite months as a PM. As to me January means focusing on what I want to achieve and thinking about how to embed positive changes (both personally and professionally). This year DPM rebranded to Deliver which opens the conference to a wider audience of anyone and everyone involved in project delivery. So after attending both the workshop and conference it’s time to dust off the blog and write up my top takeaways.

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PM lessons from the other side talk – video recording

I’ve been rather quiet on the blog since I joined the British Red Cross back in April.

Since moving client side i’ve been observing and learning what it’s like to be a PM on the other side of the fence. It’s been a really interesting experience so far and I am loving working client side and immersing myself in the one brand.

Back in November I did a talk at the Norther Digital Project Managers (nDPM) meet-up.

I reflected on lessons learnt between the client and agency sides, and what PMs on both sides of the divide can learn about each others worlds.

The talk covers 5 core pillars for a successful agency / client relationship:

  • Capabilities
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Communication

Though helpfully I have recorded my talk which is around 30 minutes long.

Please see the video below and i’d welcome any comments / feedback.

A debrief on my project of the year

This time last year I had just joined magenticNorth (mN) where I got to work with some fantastic clients, most notably the BBC and embarked on a great learning experience which included running user testing sessions as covered in my last post.

Working at mN included my career highlight to date, which was working on the the #ShakespeareMe project. It was an experimental social sharing concept where you could pick emoji’s to generate Shakespeare quotes and share them via Twitter or Facebook. For more details on the project see the links at the bottom of the post.

It was a 9 month long project which as projects go, was a meaty one. So I thought i’d share some key learnings when managing bigger and longer projects.

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DPMUK16 round-up

I’ve had time to reflect on last week’s 3rd DPM UK conference in Manchester. Every year I come away with a real sense of pride and excitement for the DPM industry. I fondly refer to the conference as PM therapy. Everyone is so friendly, and the event is an eye opener as I always come away with ideas of how I can further improve myself, and my work.

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How to manage a project remotely

This January I spoke at my first conference DPMUK and did a 15 minute lightning talk on managing projects remotely.

Here’s a long overdue blog on the talk I delivered.

Having read a book called remote by 37signals last year (which I’ve done a mini review of) it really got me thinking about how we no longer need to be tethered to our desks.

I look at the Manchester tech seen and there’s an array of amazing co-working spaces as many people now have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. I for one have found myself in an industry where you no longer have to be in an office to get the job done, yet when discussing project management the perspective of managing projects in a remote context has been missing.

So hopefully after this intro and a quick fire overview of my background you’ll see how the topic of remote projects is something I was suitable to talk and now blog about.

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