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What is user experience and why user test? My learnings from a UX agency

After I joined magenticNorth last year I got introduced to the world User Experience (UX) having had the pleasure of working with a team of talented creatives.

Its an area of digital i’ve become increasingly involved with by attending conferences and meet-ups such as Ladies that UX plus through my work where I have been involved in user testing for various projects.

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The limited Advantages of Boots #pointsmillionaire app download promotion

In today’s integrated marketing environment there are so many tie-ups between on and offline channels. There’s case studies on sites like EConsultancy and Figaro of brands that have created seamless customer journeys that bridge the digital v real world divide.
One integrated tactic that’s sometimes overlooked is including call to actions on receipts. I’ve found many supermarkets have simple yet effective customer feedback incentives with the chance to win £1,000 by completing a short online survey.
We’ve all seen brands using promoted Facebook and Twitter posts to encourage app downloads, but recently I encountered my first receipt used to promote an app download.

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The role of User Experience in b2b

Last week I attended a fantastic new conference in Manchester called TalkUX. The aim of the conference was to look at the latest thinking in User Experience (UX) and understand the breadth of the topic. While a lot of the subject matter was consumer focused, there were some interesting examples of how UX relates to b2b.

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b2b digital marketing trends for 2015

So it’s that time of year again. We start thinking about what will be the next big thing in 2015. Back in December I delivered a webinar covering my predictions for the b2b digital trends to watch out for.  For those of you who missed it here’s a summary of the highlights.

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B2B mobile trends: responsive web design and email

Search is mobile. Social is mobile. Email is mobile. Your audience is mobile. Rachael explores the area of responsive web design and mobile.

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Top mobile marketing tips

previous blog post  highlighted that mobile is a key growth area for any marketing strategy, and identified that businesses need to have greater mobility in reaching out to customers; wherever they may be and however they come to find you.

In this post we’ll outline some practical tips for ensuring an optimised mobile presence. Then our final follow up next month we’ll review some of the latest trends in successful mobile design.

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Responsive website Design….from an Agency Point of View

There are so many technical posts out there about how to build sites responsively but not many from an agency’s point of view. In this blog posts we’ll take a look at how we implement it, the advantages/disadvantages and ultimately the benefit to the client.

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The mobile future – Owning a website is just the beginning

Designing a successful site that develops quality business is a different matter. Being able to view your website on a Smartphone is no longer the way of the future; mobile websites are all about now and are here to stay!

Few business opportunities have taken off as fast as the mobile web. This is a new way for businesses to reach and influence customers. Just as businesses have spent time designing and developing a user friendly website the same applies to mobile, even more so as according to Edward Boches, Chief Innovation officer at Mullen “If your business isn’t optimized for mobile, it might as well be invisible. Mobile isn’t going to be a medium. It’s going to be the medium.”

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