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What is user experience and why user test? My learnings from a UX agency

After I joined magenticNorth last year I got introduced to the world User Experience (UX) having had the pleasure of working with a team of talented creatives.

Its an area of digital i’ve become increasingly involved with by attending conferences and meet-ups such as Ladies that UX plus through my work where I have been involved in user testing for various projects.

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The role of User Experience in b2b

Last week I attended a fantastic new conference in Manchester called TalkUX. The aim of the conference was to look at the latest thinking in User Experience (UX) and understand the breadth of the topic. While a lot of the subject matter was consumer focused, there were some interesting examples of how UX relates to b2b.

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Responsive website Design….from an Agency Point of View

There are so many technical posts out there about how to build sites responsively but not many from an agency’s point of view. In this blog posts we’ll take a look at how we implement it, the advantages/disadvantages and ultimately the benefit to the client.

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