As part of the Deliver conference 2019 I ran a community of practice workshop around facilitating the LEGO SCRUM workshop activity.

Quick link to my google presentation presentation slides 

And you can read more to see a summary of the session and to get the resources referenced.

Recap of the workshop

SCRUM is an Agile delivery approach that’s become increasingly popular over the last 5 years, even if you’ve got SCRUM experience this session is aimed as a knowledge transfer session through the medium of an interactive LEGO workshop. Where practice trumps theory. As we all know that learning by doing is powerful.

The workshop briefly recaps on the core SCRUM approach including the ceremonies and artifacts such as the stand-up, retrospective, product back-log and the increment.

The workshop aim was to level up everyone’s Agile understanding by ensuring we got mixed groups to work together as a SCRUM team to deliver a LEGO city! The aim being that each team will help to cross-pollinate the varying levels of agile expertise in the room via a collective community of practice knowledge share!

In this session, delegates got to understand the SCRUM process, had the opportunity to share different sprint approaches, came away with at least one new technique to try in their next agile delivery project and left with the confidence to be able to run their own LEGO SCRUM workshop with teams.

The end outcome is for the Deliver community to help collectively crowd source a simple Agile workshop toolkit for others to use to spread the fun of LEGO SCRUM.

Resources and thank yous

I’ve put together a quick handy link to all the references i’ve used to help put together the workshop materials so others can benefit from them.

LEGO Scrum resource website

Classic LEGO boxes so you can buy your own sets

SCRUM simulation with sample user stories  

GitHub SCRUM game  

Kanban tracking sheet – to test out physical board tracking approaches