Here’s a round up of what’s been lighting our digital fire over recent weeks.

Campaign highlight

What can b2b learn from Virgin’s BLAH airlines campaign?

Turn the mundane reality of a poor flying experience into a 5 hour ad (yes –this is not a typo!) to show there is a better way to fly, which is of course Virgin America.

Though BLAH airlines is a fully integrated campaign with its own website and social media profiles. You only have to google ‘Blah airlines’ and there’s a raft of free coverage off the back of the campaign.

This is bold but it gets to the heart of the industry. For many b2b sectors this approach could really stand out. Turning an unglamorous process and putting a creative spin on it to get across why your product or service stands out above the competition would create a lot of buzz in its own right.

How could you shake up your market?

Email and social insights

If you’re after email tips then check out Nadia’s post on effective b2b email marketing campaigns and if you operate in German markets then Zoe’s social media blog is recommended reading.

Featured report

The latest Gartners digital marketing spend report surveyed marketing executives in the US, Canada and the UK. The top line is that digital marketing budgets are set to increase in 2015. Digital marketing is starting to come out of its silo, with the quote ‘it’s about marketing in a digital world’ standing out. This reflects a shift in activity towards a more balanced and integrating marketing mix – something which we at BDB are strong believers in.

Tool of the month

Want to track your SEO performance against your competitors? See which are the most valuable websites that link to your content? Then MOZ PRO is the tool for you.

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial and it really kicks into gear when you plug in your Google Analytics data, there’s even an on page grader to check page titles and descriptions. It’s not just for SEO though as there’s a raft of tools that can all be linked into the one dashboard. For example follerwonk which is great for insights into your Twitter activity and engagement.

Upcoming webinar

B2b digital marketing trends for 2015

Wondering what you should include in your digital campaigns for next year? BDB are running a webinar which will cover the important digital tools, techniques and approaches to consider in 2015.

You can watch on demand via our BrightTalk channel.

This blog was originally posted on where I was a Digital Project Manager working with international b2b clients.