The summer is well and truly over, as the UK autumn equinox was celebrated last week with its very own Google doodle. So with the holidays behind us it’s time to get back up to speed with all things digital. We’ll be running a more regular digital update going forward so check back on the blog to get your digital b2b fix.

Top b2b digital news – online ad spend up

A report by the ABM found that b2b digital online ad spend is up 12.6% YOY. This is set against a  9.9% decline in print compared to the same quarter last year. Though overall the B2B media industry has grown around 2.5% in the first half of this year which is a sign of renewed investment in media spend.

To promote the 2014 Digital entries E-Consultancy did an excellent round up of the best b2b case studies from 2013. We’ve all had a giggle at the Kern & Sohn travelling gnome. (This reminded us of a similar type of campaign we did for packaging client tna to celebrate their 25thanniversary).

Tool of the month – project management made easy

My digital tool of the month has to be SmartSheet.

It’s a brilliant cloud based, dynamic project management tool which I’m using on a daily basis. We’re trialling it out on a campaign and it’s brilliant. Think Excel but on a high dose of caffeine!

They have a range of templates including content calendars, PR activity trackers and even SEO checklists. Best of all are the collaboration options, sharing with colleagues and a team is simple and you can set levels from viewer to editor. You can also attach files, comments and set reminders.

For those B2B marketers who love a good spreadsheet this tool could be your new best friend!

Featured report – inbound marketing

For a great resource on inbound marketing and lead generation trends take a look at HubSpot’s state of inbound 2014 report. You can even download all the graphs to add into presentations (very handy!)

A key takeaway is the power of blogging for inbound as on page 7 in the report they site that “Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI” (HubSpot 2014). So getting a blog up and running and you could start to see some exciting returns. At BDB we’ve seen the reach a blog can have as valuable/helpful content gets shared among likeminded people.

Focus on SEO – how to get found and stay found

How do you ensure your website get’s found and stays found? Well if you’re after some top SEO tips and insights into B2B SEO then you can watch the webinar on demand via our BrightTalk Channel.

This blog was originally posted on where I was a Digital Project Manager working with international b2b clients.