Are you looking for helpful digital tools to maximise your time? Well, as promised in my last blog, we’ve got 5 more key apps this month which we couldn’t live without.

  1. Evernote and Evernote web clipper

We featured Wunderlist in the last blog as the go-to list app, and while Evernote can be used for to-do lists; it’s a step up from Wunderlist which has some great advanced features. The search function in Evernote is what sets it apart. Impressively Evernote can locate words within images which is great for uploading business cards via the mobile app. For me this is by far the best feature from a business perspective. I’d hazard a guess that very few of us have roller decks now and we can often struggle when we’re not at the office and want to dig out those contact details. So now after gathering loads of contacts business cards at say, a trade show you can simply scan them in to your account and when you need them in the future they’re easily accessible.

There is also a browser extension tool called the Evernote web clipper which allows you to import/bookmark content from the web. Once installed in your browser, simply click the web clipper icon on each page you want to note and you can then clip the webpage to your Evernote account. This tool allows you to store articles, screenshots, annotate the page, bookmark, tag and then save to your notebook. The web clipper allows you to collate all your screen shots in one easy accessible location

  1. Box

Our file sharing programme of choice is Box. Box offers cloud storage and file sharing servicesthat enables you to securely share and access files online. It’s also great to use for approvals as users can comment and add changes to files, making track changes a lot easier to manage. In particular all comments are visible to the team which can really enhance communication between teams. Another way we use Box is as an approved materials library. This allows us to share all content and assets we’ve created for clients and makes it easy for all parties to access files quickly and easily, especially larger ones. Finally any files saved on Box can be embedded in a link so you can share larger files without having to use tools like mail big file or WeTransfer.

  1. Trello

Trello is a great tool for team projects. It’s a notice board/to do list where groups can collaborate together. You can divide a project into different activities and columns so everyone can see who’s doing what. In particular Trello improves communication, eliminates email traffic, and keeps everyone in the picture.

We’ve been using this with the team on the BDB website build. It’s been great for tracking what content is on approval, approved, and loaded on the website. It’s also handy for logging any amends so we have full visibility of what’s completed and outstanding.

  1. Duolingo

BDB has an office full of linguists, who aren’t just content with speaking two or three languages but always looking to learn more. Duloingo is an award-winning language app that makes learning fun and easy. Duoligo is available on iOS and Android, meaning you can make breaks and commutes more productive as you learn on the go. At the moment only the European languages of Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese are available, but I doubt very few of us can say we speak all five so give it a try. I’ve found it a great way to pick up some basic German and Portuguese.

  1. Doodle

Finally, Doodle is also a team favourite. Do you find yourself herding cats? Well Doodle is your new best friend for scheduling meetings or getting groups of people together. In particular it’s great for finding dates that everyone can attend an event, meeting or even party.

I hope you find one of the above apps helpful and as always I’d love to discover what web tools you can’t live without.

This blog was originally posted on where I was a Digital Project Manager working with international b2b clients.