With increasing time pressures, we all know trying to squeeze as much productivity out of each work day can feel like a constant battle. Though fear not! Over the last 6 months I’ve come across some excellent web based tools that have been tried and tested. So hopefully the 5-10 minutes it takes to read this blog (plus a little Googleing) will give you a much needed time bonus dividend in return.

Note: All of the above web tools can be installed via Google chrome and are accessible across all desktop and mobile devices. When working on a desktop the Chrome app launcher also makes it quick and easy to access these applications.

  1. Feedly – get all your news in one place

Keeping up to date with all the latest industry news and best practices can sometimes feel overwhelming. Sure we’ve all subscribed to newsletters, but we’re often guilty of deleting them straight away as they have a tendency to fill up our inboxes. I know I have.

So welcome Feedly, which helps you to aggregate all of your favourite online magazines and news sites into one place and, best of all, also lets you categorise your topics. Since I started using it I now I get all my B2B, digital marketing, project management and SEO articles in one place. Though what if you want to be able to bookmark the articles to read later? This leads onto the next handy tool – Pocket.

  1. Pocket – read content later/on the go

Now I’ve sifted through the most interesting and relevant content from Feedly, but sometimes I just don’t have time to read it all in one go! Enter…Pocket. This is by far the most helpful tool I’m using at the moment as you can add it as an extension to Chrome and install it as an app on your mobile/tablet.

With Pocket, whenever you come across a web page or news article that you want bookmark to read later, you simply ‘Pocket it’. The best feature about Pocket is it works offline, so once it’s synced you can access the content on a train/plane on your iPad. All that content you just don’t get round to reading will be sitting there ready and waiting when you have a bit of downtime.

  1. Web page screenshots – full page no problem

As a digital project manager I’m always taking web page screen shots to share with colleagues and clients. However, trying to show the whole page in context can mean taking numerous shots and trying to stitch them all together. With the Google Chrome browser you can installthe screen shot extension that you can quickly access, allowing you to grab a whole screen easily.

See the below example of the tool: basically when you’re on a web page and you want to get a screen shot, click on the camera icon and you can annotate and output in various formats.

  1. FIO – time zones sorted

Figure It Out (FIO) is a really handy tool for all the international marketers out there. At BDB we’re constantly jiggling time zones. Once this tool is installed, Chrome allows you to add multiple time zones and, each time you open a new web browser tab, shows the time at all locations. I’ve found this particularly useful for scheduling meetings.

  1. Wunderlist – to do lists

Finally, we all love our to-do lists but often make notes or action points on paper and then not get around to logging them on something more permanent. Wunderlist is my go-to list management tool as you can get it on your mobile and desktop, meaning wherever you make a note it syncs across all your devices. You can also categorise to-do’s so you can group by client, project or team etc. Also within each task/list you can add more detailed notes.

Even better, the Pro version lets you add attachments, share lists by inviting other colleagues via email and log all conversations/comments. And out-of-work Wunderlist is also great for food shopping lists as well.

I hope this list of top tools has been helpful. Keep an eye out for part two as I’ve got some more handy tools up my sleeve to share with you next time.

What digital tools could you not live without? I’d love to hear your thoughts, tweet me @rachael_a_shah

This blog was originally posted on BDB.co.uk where I was a Digital Project Manager working with international b2b clients.