Designing a successful site that develops quality business is a different matter. Being able to view your website on a Smartphone is no longer the way of the future; mobile websites are all about now and are here to stay!

Few business opportunities have taken off as fast as the mobile web. This is a new way for businesses to reach and influence customers. Just as businesses have spent time designing and developing a user friendly website the same applies to mobile, even more so as according to Edward Boches, Chief Innovation officer at Mullen “If your business isn’t optimized for mobile, it might as well be invisible. Mobile isn’t going to be a medium. It’s going to be the medium.”

HarperJames can help your business to establish a presence on the mobile web and ensure you are well positioned for the future. Many businesses have yet to consider mobile sites as an important medium to reach and influence their customers. Here are a few mobile statistics that highlight the significance of mobile:

  • Soon more people will be accessing the internet from a mobile device than desktop computers
  • 54% of mobile internet users use their phone to find a retailer
  • By 2015, mobile commerce will reach $119 billion worldwide; can you afford to ignore the competition?
  • This Christmas it is predicted that 11% of the population will do Christmas shopping on their mobile phone

So as you can see mobile is a huge growth area for business, just as the internet has been over the last 10 years. So if you are considering investing in a mobile site here a few things to consider.

Response sites and mobile sites

From a design and development perspective, there are two different types of mobile sites Response sites and mobile sites.

Response sites

  • One website to build and maintain
  • This is based on the main site, not a separate one
  • Scales in your browser to any size – universal for all new smart phones
  • Not usable on feature phones (old Android etc.)

Mobile sites

  • Completely new website
  • You end up with more than one site to maintain and manage
  • Can work on old feature phones
  • Not great for new Smartphones

Flash is out for mobile

It is also important to note that flash does not work on mobile platforms and is being completely phased out. This is important to remember as if you opt for either the response or mobile site design the use of flash should be avoided.

This blog was originally posted on where I started my career in 2011 as a Digital Account Executive.