What is SEO?- basically SEO is the task of ensuring that your website ranks highly in places like Google and Bing for the search terms (think products and services) that people are looking for relevant to your business.

Having a well optimised site can make all the difference, knowing which words rank highest in search engines can be a great start to getting you site optimised. Natural search engine optimisation is the cheapest method of internet marketing but this organic process is not always easy to get right. For example when we re-designed the HarperJames site we wanted to know what the most popular search terms are. How do we find this out?

GoogleAdWords Tool

This free online tool allows you to input a selection of terms related to your business and then displays the total number of monthly searches for that word (computer and mobile searches). So in the case of HarperJames we wanted to select the search term that ranks the highest and from Google Adwords tool we were able to find out that web design ranks higher than website design by 220,000 searches a month and that web development has 61,000 more searches a month than website development. Knowing this information can be very helpful especially in deciding the titles for the main navigation of the site.

The Google Adwords tool is also useful if you want to find out how many people search for your site from mobile devices. Mobile is going to be a huge growth area over the coming years. The Google Adwords tool has an option which allows you to see how many people search for your business or services from mobile devices. If you are considering making your site compatible with smartphones and tablets this tool can indicate the level of customer demand for your site to be compatible with smartphones and tablet devices.

A few minutes spent using the Google AdWords tool can help to optimise your site and provide an insight into your market position. If you aren’t technologically savvy and want HarperJames to design and develop your site, as part of our commitment is to develop a website that not only looks good but also performs in search engines we can conduct keyword research to help aid the design of your site. For more information on the SEO services that HarperJames can provide.

This blog was originally posted on Harperjames.com where I started my career in 2011 as a Digital Account Executive.