Change to Twitter trademark and content display policy

Twitter has literally taken flight over recent years, now with over 100 million active users and is fast becoming the most popular real-time information network as it allows celebrities, companies and the like to communicate and connect with fans and clients in an instant (though limited to their signature 140 character – Tweets).

Though as a brand begins to develop it is increasingly important that the use of the brand and logo is managed to ensure that a consistent brand standard is applied – especially globally.

Twitter have recently rebranded to make the iconic bird the recognisable symbol of Twitter as they will no longer use logo text or the lowercase ‘t’.

Social media integration has become an increasingly important tool for websites to use as a way to promote themselves on line and consequently it is now a requirement to ensure that the social media icons used are in line with the official brand guidelines to avoid any nasty legal issues such as infringement of trademarks.

We are working with our clients to ensure all our sites reflect the correct Twitter branding but thought we would spread the word ourselves to help make others aware as not everyone has been Tweeted the update, yet. For more information on Twitters brand guidelines go to

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